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VERYCOOL威酷模玩 :1/6《穿越火线》系列

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VERYCOOL威酷模玩 :1/6《穿越火线》系列第三弹 —“灵狐者之保卫者”








- 仿植发头雕

- PH钢骨包胶无缝女素体

- 深蓝色作战裙

- 蕾丝吊带袜

- 红色内裤

- 红色文胸

- 发夹

- 高跟皮靴

- 灵狐者胸章*1

- 白色杂物包*1

- 自然手型手套手*2

- 握持手型手套手*2

- 握拳手型手套手*2

- 勾枪手型手套右手

- AWM狙击枪

- AWM狙击枪枪托

- AWM狙击枪弹夹

- AWM狙击枪瞄准器

- P226手枪

- P226手枪弹夹*1

- 组装式木箱子*1

- 遮箱军布*1



VERYCOOL New Product: 1/6 CrossFire - Defender of Fox Legend

Fox Legend

      With their clear eyes, neat short hairstyle, graceful postures, voluptuous figures,
 sharp thoughts and nimble actions, their appearance has again made an impression.
 They have hardly undergone any training, but they always finish each and every mission perfectly.
They are the Fox Legend, which disappeared a long time ago.
 Beauties in this organization are good at different kinds of weapons, and they cooperate well;
but in order to avoid hand-on confrontation with their arch rival the Fox Hunters,
they usually work separately and only show in group once in a few years at some special time.
Fox Hunters and other outside organizations must be on guard against them.
 Rumor says they will appear in group again in 2010… 

     They are a special group. They can band together to defeat all irresistible powers.
They can resist stress from any group and keep moving forward.
Their very appearance has brought along the arrival of new fashion.

     “Fox legend, Here we go!”

Product Name: 1/6 Cross Fire - Defender of Fox Legend

Product No.: VC-CF-03

Product List:

  -Imitated hair-planting head sculpt *1

  -Tattooed seamless female body with PH steel frame and rubber coating *1

  -Mazarine battle dress 

  -Lace garter belt

  -Red underpants

  -Red bra


  -High heel leather boot

  -Fox legend badge*1

  -White sundries bag*1

  -Natural hand-shape Gloves(1 pair)

  -Hold shape gloves(1 pair)

  -Fist shape gloves(1 pair)

  -Hook shot glove for right hand

  -AWM sniper rifle

  -AMW sniper rifle butt  

  -AWM sniper rifle cartridge

  -AWM sniper rifle sight 

  -P226 pistol

  -P226 pistol clip *1

  -Assembly type wooden box *1

  -Box cover army cloth *1

Expected Time of Delivery: 3rd season of 2017