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VERYCOOL新品:女刺客系列第一弹—“Catch Me”

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VERYCOOL新品:女刺客系列—“Catch Me



要让我听命与你?Catch me ,if you can!

产品名称:1/6 女刺客之“Catch Me”























-SIG MPX-K冲锋枪(DAM提供)



-SIG MPX-K冲锋枪T1红点瞄镜

-SIG MPX-K冲锋枪30发弹匣*2

-SIG MPX-K冲锋枪BCM导轨握把








VERYCOOL NEWS:Female Assassin Series First Bomb — 'Catch Me'


'We toil in the dark and serve the light. We are assassins.”

She has the angel's face and the cat as Agile skill,
a black night clothes also can not cover the proud person's stature,
 her code is also full of provocation ...

You want me to take orders from you?Catch me ,if you can!


Product Name: 1/6Female Assassin — 'Catch Me'

Product No.:VCF-2033A(Normal expression head carving)

          VCF-2033B(Strabismus scar head carving)

Product List:

-Emulational head sculpture

-VC3.0 busty female for the body(soft breast )

-Black tight briefs with body clothes

-Black Tight Pants

-Black removable leather martin Boots

-Cat Ears *2


-Elbow Protector *2

-Knee Pads *2

-Waist Gun Sleeve

-Leather Belt* 2


-Sundries Bag

-Triple Magazine Bag

-Multifunctional leg bag

-Leg hanging triple grenade bag

-Multifunctional legs hanging gun sleeve

-G17 pistol*2DAM Provide)

-G17 pistol clips*4

-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun(DAM Provide)

-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun SIG Sight

-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun SIG CrossHair

-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun T1 Red dot

-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun 30R Mag*2

-SIG MPX-K Sub-machine gun BCM Guide handgrip

-Holding hand *2

-Hook gun hand*2

-Fist hand*2

-Natural hand *2